Enlightenment from a television show

Rainbow after the storm

Last week, I was surfing through the television stations and stopped at one that was showing old reruns of Bewitched. It used to be one of my favorite shows and I had a few minutes to waste, so I watched it.

The show was about one of McMahon and Tate's clients who was an Italian beauty who was a rich vintner. In addition to trying to get the firm to come up with a new slogan for her line of Vinitto wines, she was also trying to steal Darrin away from Samantha. Samantha took the high road and didn't "zap" her, but her cousin Serena didn't have any problem with this, and turned the Italian beauty into a beautiful monkey. She felt the client was trying to make a monkey of Samantha.

The monkey escapes and after much ado, the client is turned human again, but there's still the problem of the slogan. In the end Samantha comes up with one that paints the picture of an organ grinder in Italy with a monkey by his side. Her slogan (which was not all that good) was: Don't monkey around with inferior brands...buy Vinitto wines.

The slogan, even though it wasn't that great, painted a vivid picture and told a story. It suddenly dawned on me that's exactly what Dreamstime wants us to do...paint a vivid picture and tell a story. I realize now that's what is meant by "concept". I'm revamping my whole approach to this endeavor and the future feels exciting.

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August 31, 2010

Great blog! Good luck with your new concepts :)


August 30, 2010

Nice blog! It's great to find inspiration from the life around us. Discovering new concepts and fresh ways to express old concepts can bring lot of joy! Have lots of beautiful creative moments with your camera! :)