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Here is my first post! I have been on DT for 7 months now. I took a four month break from my computer as I traveled around north India just snapping and living. So here is my first India photo that has been accepted!

This was one of those shots, where I was just hanging around looking through my RX100's screen checking out the scene. I didn't know what was happening in the inner sanctum of the temple and just as I was snapping off a few rounds the priest exits with a bucket full of sweets that had just been offered. BEAUTIFUL!

What did I learn from this little moment captured? When your shooting take your time, relax and allow things to unfold on the screen (viewfinder) you never know what will happen. Its sort of like meditation, patient observation.

Hanuman Pujari and Laddus

Photo credits: William Bode.

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April 16, 2016


Thanks Adam!

April 15, 2016


nice way to put things in perspective! great image

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