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Entire East Asia celebrating mooncake festival!

The mooncake festival (also popularly known as Mid Autumn Festival) is celebrated by the Chinese and Vietnamese people. They celebrate harvest, family reunions and hope for another good year!

The name comes from popular tradition to eat and gift mooncakes. Another notable part of this celebration is to carry brightly lit colorful lanterns. In some countries like Singapore, Hongkong they also organize lantern painting competitions. Streets get decorated with cute paper lanterns and kids participate in parades with different lanterns. The twilight of entire east and South east Asia look amazing with twinkling lights! Some say that Lanterns symbolize fertility.

Also various traditional rituals and programs continue almost for a month! The full moon day of September is declared as Chinese Public Holiday and people enjoy the festivity to the fullest!

If you plan to visit South East Asia you must come during the Autumn. Various ways of celebrations will surely amaze you!

First time, I am also celebrating the festival as I am staying in South East Asian countries for last ten months. The colorful kites in blue sky, decorations, street-shows, strong aroma of moon cake and the beautiful lanterns are also making me feel to be a part of it. Hope to click more photos in coming weekends :)

Photo credits: Freedomsfolio.

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October 03, 2013


Added few more from the latest uploads

September 30, 2013


Thnx friends :)

September 30, 2013


Great images, thanks for sharing.

September 29, 2013


Nice! Thank you for sharing!

September 28, 2013


Thanks all.
Yeah...will try to add some mooncakes too

September 28, 2013


Some moon cakes photos will be nice. I can add to my food and beverages collection.

September 28, 2013


Nice pictures of the festive ambiance. It remind my childhood when i built myself the lanterns.

September 28, 2013


Thanks as always Concetta! :)

September 28, 2013


Great images, the last is really nice!!!

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