Equal Justice Under Law

Equal Justice Under Law is the phrase inscribed into front roof facade of the Supreme Court Building in Washington D.C. in the USA. This building is one of the most beautiful anywhere in the world and stands for fairness and justice. Many important legal battles have occurred here including the famous Roe versus Wade battle over abortion. Though I have photographed this building I keep coming back to find new aspects to explore. Of course you can take a photo of the entire building. The statues and other architectural details can also make good photographs.

The Supreme Court works differently than most courts in that matters of national law are decided by 9 justices or judges as opposed to a regular jury. These justices decide what the laws of the United States should be-for example whether or not to allow abortion or a woman's right to choose. In most cases unjust laws are overturned such as in Brown Versus Board of Eduction. In this case school segregation was challenged successfully paving the way for school integration.

The supreme court is right next to the U.S. Capital and Library of Congress which are also historic buildings. If you visit Washington D.C. visit the Supreme Court. You might try a photo at night or during a snow storm to give a different perspective.

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Photo credits: Natalja Sidorenko, Richard Gunion.

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