Equip yourself !

Creating concepts needs some equipment. Not only photo equipment I mean but also some accessories to create concepts.

Here are some bits and pieces I collected or bought from local market. ( costs less than 50 usd )

Helmet and working dress

© Davulcu ( Help)


Industrial and Hygenic masks

Omega softgels

Placebo pilss


Dollar bills

Various pen and pencils

Toy gun , handcuff

© Davulcu ( Help)

© Davulcu ( Help)

Cheap single coloured t-shirts for models


Game cards

laboratory coat

Financial charts and report papers


Woman hat

© Davulcu ( Help)

© Davulcu ( Help)

Thanks for reading

Serdar Tibet

Photo credits: Serdar Tibet.

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April 07, 2010


could work and there are some great compositions to do with those objects!

April 04, 2010


I bet dogs wouldn't think so! (just kidding)

April 03, 2010


Good blog post. I went to the flea market yesterday actually and bought a whole bunch of stuff. Whoever though of flea markets are pure geniuses!

April 03, 2010


Yep this is needed indeed! Thanks for reminding ;)

April 03, 2010


I have all those items plus other medical supplies. Accessories is a major plus.

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