Essay of Landmarks Shot

Pictures of Landmarks I’ve taken a lot and I noticed the most favorable & popular ones almost follow below criteria:

1.Normally the object should be quite clear & with good light or background.

2.The whole effect of the picture will look better with a balance conposition, no matter what its layout: vertical or horizon, far or near, center or besides, but should have the focus & to present the most attractive parts which you believe.

Besides above 2 points, I personally think it can be “not bad” pictures, but sometimes still feel many are lack of animation, especially similar pictures are too much for the same topic. One time by occasionally, I took a picture of Nagoya Castle in Japan, it happened to be autumn and around are many maple trees. With the maple leafs accompany with the building, when the picture came out I surprised to find it had so deep autumn mood and also add some vitality to the whole picture. So since then, I tried more & more to combine the around atmosphere with the landmarks which I wanna shot. Sometimes the picture came out quite beautiful & meaningful in this way, for e.g. the big Ben in London, I personally feel this picture quite charming, not just because the hundreds of historic building but also merged with the pigeon which presents peace and harmony.

Photo credits: Toneimage.

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thanks! :)




Thanks tonei i been in the net and I found a few bits on wish I done a blog. But thanks to answer me i really appreciate it. Wish all the best [imgl]926425[/imgl]


To Jonvitalija:
Just as you said, I know also some landmarks are protected by the property such as Eiffel Tower in the night scene, the arts inside the Louvre… The more cautious way I think if you really doubted about, you can check through as many channels as you can before you put into commercial use, such as via internet. In addition, for pictures upload to DT, I have no reason to doubt that there’s another, who has more professional knowledge on that to look through your pictures carefully and the shrewd Editors of DT will certainly hold the pass even though few of yours by chance failed to obey the rules.


Great images! You are so lucky to be able to travel to these places :0)


All i can say is - WOW!!!


great shots. Its a great idea when travelling to take the oppourtunity to take shots of famous landmarks.. i would be curious tho, do you need a property release? Or do you upload them as editoral images??


Beautiful pictures! One question Tonei: Do you need building releases and is any way to know wish one need one ? I Know for sure that eiffel Tower is fine during the day. And the Big Ben as well. However I m scared some times to upload pict of buildings as I know the copyrights are quite strong and they ll suck any money i have.
Thanks !!


great photos! love the pisa one :)

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