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To continue on my Patience blog, this also applies to ETR...

Let me be the first to say that I had 12 images that had 24hrs in the ETR this morning, and they were all approved withing a couple hours. Thanks DT Admins... Your doing a great job... Except the ones you refused:-) Come on, that was funny...

Estimated Time for Review is just that ESTIMATED. Yest the numbers seem high, but if we all improved our acceptance ratio I believe this number would come down. Clicking refresh doesn't bring it down any faster...

The disclaimer everyone seems to forget to read:

Pending files

This section lists all files that have been uploaded by you and are not yet approved. Unless they have been allocated by an image administrator for reviewing, you can modify or delete them.

ETR represents the estimated time for review. Note that this is an approximated value, based on a computer algorithm. You should take into account that delays may appear (especially during weekend time) and that an image can be under review for 1-24 hours (also delayed during weekend time).

I take this to understand that they don't review images over the weekend or overnight. So if you're in my time zone, their weekend seems to start Friday morning and ends about Midnight Sunday. Your ETR hours wont go down over this time, so use it to your advantage.

Keep shooting your great shots, review your own images before submitting, and upload every day. Next thing you know, you'll start having images approved on a daily basis. (Except weekends and holidays)

Can we make the disclaimer a mandatory read before uploading images? I have lost count of the various threads where people are questioning this. There are far too many more interesting articles and blogs out there to read than ETR. I know when you're new here it takes some time to get an understanding how things work.

No one likes having someone standing over you and repeatedly saying "Are you done yet?" Which is essentially what we are doing by harping on the ETR. Besides, why didn't you upload it 7 days ago, then it would already be done. Or didn't you have time to get to it?

Main thing to remember is PATIENCE....

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October 17, 2014

Thanks for that information...


August 12, 2008

patience is a good word, review time is 127 hours for 2 days already
afcourse its holiday time too