When even "hopeless" photo is sold

This picture was uploaded over a year ago. During this time it has only 7 views. I was almost sure I will never sell this image. It was even a lot of shame for this beautiful place. But I realized that I shouldn`t despair when I saw today the first sale of this photo!

Carriage.Triple lime alley.Pavlovsk.Spring

Photo credits: Olgabugrovskaya.
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  • Olgabugrovskaya
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June 26, 2017

Nice picture well done!


May 30, 2017

I think it's a really nice shot


May 29, 2017

Where is this beautiful place? I often look for wide photos to use as banners on web pages. This one would make a good banner.


May 26, 2017

it didnt sell couse its a bad photo. maybe its becouse your keywords were poor and people couldnt find it,or there are thousants pictures upladed from around the world, so in the end of the day its which of these thousant of images clicks best to the buyer.but anyway good shot