Ever sold the rights to your photo?

When submitting photos to Dreamstime, you are asked if you would like the option to sell the rights to your photo with a suggested starting price of $300. Has anyone ever actually had this happen? Did you set the price or was it the suggested price, which changes depending on the number of sales. This photo is now up to a suggested $3000, but I doubt anyone would ever buy it for that much. I should probably put in a lower price.

I hope it happens someday.

Photo credits: Greg Peterson.

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July 23, 2009


I would put U $ S 1000. It is a reasonable price and cover all possible sales that would.

July 23, 2009


I hope so, too! Search in forum, you'll find threads about it ... I think $5100 was the highest till now.

July 23, 2009


Who knows it's dreamstime :))
Cheers ;)

July 23, 2009


It does happen. I know of a few that have posted this kind of sale. We can only hope that one day it will happen for us. Good luck.

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