Everest 2013 - Romanian Expedition (episode 1)

Photodesign and AdventureDiplomacy rise this year the Romanian flag on the highest peak of the earth, also called the third pole of the earth - EVEREST (8848m). Stelian Pavalache (climber, photographer and cameraman), Tiberiu Pintilie (climber and systems engineering), Oana Harabagiu (base camp manager) and Robert Chirileanu (climber and cameraman - Antena 3 TV representative) composing the expedition team.

Perhaps many are asking why we do this?

We started to climb from childhood, to define our dreams as we went on our first routs. We choose to live differently, to do things in a slightly different manner. We learned, we tried, we struggled and often we managed to get where we wanted, each time higher. Each ascent at high altitude is a defining experience that shapes you and prepares you for the following tests.

Each one of us wants to promote and leave behind the lessons learned over time in the mountains. We learned to work together, to respect nature, we got more courage and perseverance, for all of these we apply in everyday life, not just the mountain.

Because we like it, because it’s there, because we want to show others the beauty of the mountains beyond the clouds, because we want to come home with extraordinary stories which both ourselves and our generations will have to learn from. For us an expedition is a test of life, will, persuasion, confidence, motivation, success, adventure, risk and especially the desire to succeed.

Please follow as on our web site: http://adventurediplomacy.com/everest2013/

or like and share on facebook page of the expedition: https://www.facebook.com/Everest2013

Photo credits: Anton Sokolov, Aprescindere, Karl_kanal.

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February 11, 2013


Good luck :) Good weather and...good light :)

February 05, 2013


Thanks Hellen :) hope everything to be ok in the end :). Thanks all for your beautiful words.

February 05, 2013


Hi !
Journey to the Himalayas just quietly envy. I spent three months there. Know a little there. The word "Himalaya" immediately turns my soul. Maybe I will get some money on my next trip to the beautiful and mysterious mountains ...
I wish you much strength, patience and humility! Himalayan gods be with you.

February 04, 2013


Wow, thanks for sharing, beautiful images...

February 04, 2013


Great great thing to do! I can only dream about that!
Good luck over there and hope to see some great pictures from Hillary Step :)

February 04, 2013


Awesome! The images will be exciting to see. Travel with care and remember you are more important than your camera equipment!

February 03, 2013


Thanks Jdanne. :)

February 03, 2013


Nice photos! Wish you much success and a safe return!

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