Every season have its charm!



Cedar Waxwing eating bug 4

Pink Gerbera Daisies

Green forest

Colorful daisies and gerbera

If you like photography, if you have it as a hobby or as a professional job, you can take profit of every season of the year :)

Spring: colorful flowers, green leaves, fields,vegetation,nature,bugs... a entire world of smells, but like you can't shoot smells, just take fun of colors and textures!!

Meal Time!

Summer on the beach

Summer beach

Quiet Beach



Summer day

Summer: The time for vacation, travel, holidays. Clear water beaches, oceans, palm trees, sunny world! Calm and peaceful evenings, sunny days, tasteful dishes and fruits, freshness...


Autumn in forest

Red leaves

Autumn leaf

Forest in autumn

Autumn in Abruzzo

Autumn leaves

Autumn: My fav season, very beautiful colors, yellows, reds,browns and a very rich chromatic variation, leaves in the ground, trees and forests, melancholy of autumn leaves :) and the first cold time

Winter: and X-mas time!! christmas offers a variety of themes: trees, ornaments, family,presents, gifts... Also winter is time for snow, cold, naked trees, blues and whites or just a warm fireplace :)

Green Christmas candle

Red Glass Christmas Decoration

Opened Christmas gift



Winter scenery

Hot fireplace at home

Winter Snow

Winter reeds in sunset

  • Titania1980
I got interested in photography on 2004-05, when I bought my first digital camera.

I bought better cameras and finally, in 2006 I discovered Stock Photography, a fun and easy way to make money with my pictures, beside I'm not a pro.

If you purchase one of my pics and want to let a comment about how it will be used I'll be very happy ;)

If you need some specific theme or subject leave me a comment and I'll shoot it :)

If you are from Barcelona or near and want to be my model,please leave me a comment

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August 25, 2008

thanks for using my pics in you blog!


August 25, 2008

I saw my bee;)