Everybody loves to take pictures of cats

Cats are very nice subject for picture. When you see a small kitten, with a head coming under the blanket, it's not possible not to like it. If you search for a cat picture, Dreamstime will give you 7880 pages (!).


As a subject, they are not so demanding as long as you are ready to catch them in the right moment. There are most probably "one billion" training movies on Youtube on how to make settings on camera for fast moving subjects, indoors and outdoors. So, I have no intention to give any tip on that.

Speaking about a moment, I also have few cat pictures in my portfolio. One of those pictures, which I think is interesting is a cat near the water.

Mirror mirror on the wall, tell me...

In order to make your cat picture stand out, it must be something really unique. There must be some message which you can convey to the potential buyer. Above picture of the cat was shoot near the sea, in the city where I live - Kotor (Montenegro). What message does this picture convey? Well, "water is clean and I like it. I like it so much that I will drink little bit". :)

Due to its Outstanding Universal Value, Kotor is enlisted as UNESCO's World Heritage Site. So, you are wondering, what does it have to do with cats? Exactly! In addition to its long history and tradition, in Kotor you can find a Cats Museum. Cats can be found in so many places. Near the sea or near the fortress above the city.

Enjoying the view

Once, I took my kids for a short excursion to the fortress. There was a passenger vessel in the port, so city was crowded. On our way to fortress, there were a lot of tourists also. Everybody were busy with taking that perfect picture, posing...Everybody except one cat. She (or he) was just sunbathing on the wall, not minding anybody. It was a simple pleasure, beautiful day, and she (or he) was enjoying it fully.

Cat enjoying the sun on city walls

What is the message? Really? You need me to tell you the message? OK, since you asked: Wait, enjoy those little things in life, don't be in a rush all the time. Life is short and small pleasures are making a big difference.

So, what sells a cat picture? If you are searching for a nice small cat with some funny look, it is easy, you will find it on the first page (from those 7800+). In general, only few people will go through 20-30 pages if they are searching for an ordinary cat picture. It means that the rest will not get even one view or be sold, ever.

So, your cat picture must be special (aren't all our pictures special?). It must send some message which buyer needs to promote or sell. Your Imagination is the limit, and of course the behavior of your model.

Later you have to promote your picture using social media, blogs, various forums etc. The way which your cat needs to go from your PC to final buyer may be very long, it is up to you to speed it up. In the mean time, don't forget that there is a life beyond the screen, remember the cat on the wall above Kotor.


Cat in our garden was feeling sleepy after I was trying to catch few of those "special " moments.

Cat in three stages

Hope you are still awake!

Photo credits: Dragan Janovic, Marinaks.

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October 31, 2018


Yes I love to take photos with cats too)) Thanks for the artucke!

October 16, 2018


Dear Helen, thanks for sharing. Your cats are lucky to have a maid :)))

October 16, 2018


I have 3 indoor cats and I am their personal maid.

October 16, 2018


Cute :-)

October 14, 2018


@Ctmphotog: many thanks. (Almost) everybody loves cats! :)

October 13, 2018


I love cats so enjoyed your article and images!

October 13, 2018


They are so beautiful, but I agree with you, sometimes so hard to shoot !

October 12, 2018


William,fully agree with you, if the cat likes the photo session - OK, if not, she (or he) will just turn around and go! Aren't those the manners of a superstar?

October 12, 2018


A cat's photo session is done on their terms! They decide when, how, where they will allow it, not the photographer. Every cat thinks she is a Hollywood superstar's child!

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