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Everyone has their own !

It is my own opinion that one is achieves their greatest potential by going with their own . I personally have a habit of zooming in on things. I magnify the image. I like to explore the minute details of objects with my camera. My method is a lot like the concept behind using a microscope. I have been successful at this with my drawings and artwork. I'm also trying to be my best at this when I apply the technique to photography. I am so excited that in photography, as in artwork.....we all really shine especially when we go with our own technique/. I trust this freedom will bring out the best in my finished product. Best wishes to everyone as they find within themselves their own . I will now try to provide images from Dreamstime where people have gone with their own .

In order to use pictures from DT to illustrate and celebrate/salute varieties of I have chosen a specific topic, that being OCEANS. I challenge you to cruise each one of these awesome images and note the uniqueness each one offers. I encourage everyone to look at your own will soon discover the uniqueness within you and all that you have to offer that is great and new!

Photo credits: Arenacreative, Happidog, William Attard Mccarthy, Torian Dixon, Nguyen Thai.

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May 19, 2010


Agree to what Mani said.
If only the world was this peaceful.

April 28, 2009


I failed to realize the similarities as I was focusing on the differences! I agree wouldn't it be nice, Mani if the world truly was this peaceful. Let me know if you find a world like this....I'll book a flight!

April 28, 2009


I really wish if the whole world looks so peaceful like these images!

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