everything i want to accomplish

To continue on with the thought of the other day....

now that i know "who" i am. now that i have given myself a "name". what do i want to accomplish with my artistic life?

i have a few ideas of what i would like to do someday. the things i would like to learn, grasp and master. i have some lofty dreams

inspired by some very clever and creative people.

I would someday like to create vector images. i have seen what they can be, what can be accomplished, every time i look at kpargeter's portfolio. kirsty has some amazing work. i marvel at the ability. i tried vectors, once. kirsty has nothing to worry about from me, but i plan to try again someday.

i would like to be brave and try new techniques, be clever, creative, even humorous in my images. the zipper on Inspireme's pepper shot is so cool. i did layer in swim trunks on a photo of my cat, because he was on his back and looked like he was at the beach. i have never submitted it here though...not brave enough..yet!

i would love to capture the beauty and character in a persons face the way that laurin rinder can. Rinderart...yes it is art, it is real and awe inspiring...beautiful.

i would like to be creative and pour my heart and soul into my images as i see when i look at ladykassie's images. alice you are not afraid to be edgy, tackle robots,technology, dragons and angels. your 3-d renders are wonderful. i do know what it takes to create these images - you shine girl.

and finally people shots including self - portraits...hey i have a chance at this one, photojay, jay schulz is helping me all the way from iraq, by advising me on light set ups, positioning, and i am slowly even getting some models lined up...i did say self portraits right.. gotta convince one more model..me! jay is very comfortable in front of his camera and someday maybe i will be too.

there are too many to mention in this blog..in fact i had to shorten it because i chose too many images. suffice it to say i will never be without inspiration as an artist, as long as i am a part of the dreamstime community.

and then there are all the things i want to accomplish as a wife, mother,woman,sister,daughter...oh well there are other blogs to write.

Photo credits: Matt Egginton, Kirsty Pargeter, Alice Herden, Jason Schulz, Laurin Rinder.

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August 06, 2007


awwww.. you are so sweet!
I thank you so much..
Those renders are simple.. I yet have went all out on my renders.. since it's only used to stock images and only little $.. and to go full out would take many, many, many hours or days.. that's why I keep it simple.
And I am with Photojay!

August 03, 2007


You know, I almost forgot I was in Iraq until the Paladin's fired a second ago and shook my whole office...lol. You know I am behind you all the way! Anything you need, I am here. Heck, maybe someday, I'll model for YOU!!! Thanks for using my image in your blog. I love the blogs here. They are always so insightful.

August 03, 2007


Thanks Denise for your kind comments about my work!!

Kirsty Pargeter

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