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Example of why selection criteria is so tight

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In an article that (may) receives applause from traditionalists, Chris Ferrone describes an obvious case of sensitive usage associated with Model Release issues (or better said total absence of).

Next time you get a refusal based on a legal issue (potential trademark infringement or something that seems nonsense about your MR) think about this case:

Virgin Mobile using photo without a model release

Is it the site's fault, the CC license's or the designer's fault?

Photo credits: Galina Barskaya.

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August 15, 2007


Another good reason to obtain images from a stock agency instead of a free public domain, such as Flickr or Photobucket. Not only do many people uploading pictures there not know about the legalities of model releases, but many of the websites do not even have a place to upload a release and attach it to the photograph. I used to keep a bunch of pictures on Flickr until I realized that a lot of agencies, even big name ones, would go to that site to obtain marketing images. While many people uploading images to the site are aware of the different licenses (the default is full protection for the photographer), that copyright does not guarantee that any potential copyrights in the image have been taken care of. I decided it was best for me and potential clients to steer clear of what Virgin Mobile went through.

July 26, 2007


Rolmat, I would add that the CC license is not displayed properly on many of the sites using it. What this license brings is more freedom, but what if this is at the cost of too much fraud involved. The difference reliese between understanding what download means vs. licensing!

July 25, 2007


Very good example! Too bad it has to be learned the hard way. And that commercial motto... Quite something! :)

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