Excellent Starting with Dreamstime

Hi Friends

I have just started my work with dreamstime. I am crazy for photography experience. Dreamstime helped myself becoming my dreams true.

I took the first shot of a flower on a roadside greenbelt. That photo was accepted. After that i was so excited to make more pictures.

I planned to go in a nearby housing scheme garden. I spent three hours there and took plenty of photos. Photos of flowers, sunset, lake, bridge etc. I took photos from different angles and different settings of exposure. I enjoyed a lot.

Then i did some editing in the photos, color setting, and other parameters. I worked hard whole day.

I want to give some useful tips. Use the exposure and ISO setting very carefully as it produces noise. Secondly it is better to not to use more filters. Try to use natural colors of pictures.

I uploaded 32 pictures, among them 24 was accepted. That great achievement fulfil my heart with happiness, motivation and enthusiasm.

So, i have decided to work with Dreamstime continuously.

A large and small stones in park

Group of White and Yellow Flowers

Photo credits: Abdul Rahman Shah.
Abdul Rahman Shah
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  • Shahvet
  • Lahore, Pakistan

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August 13, 2017

Congratulation Abdul, I hope that that will work for you.


August 11, 2017

Nice photos and congratulations Abdul Rahman! Are you thinking to be exclusive user here? If you have 50 or above online files like photos, videos, illustrations and audios, you can submit to exclusivity. This will provide the highest royalty percentage that you'll receive on every sold files (60% for every levels).

Good luck Abdul Rahman!