On many stock sites you can read, that "we don't need your pet, we belive it's cute and funny, but thank you..." So, I've never tried to upload a photo from my tortoise or my grandma's cat, until yesterday. I decided to try a postcard-like photo of my grandma's fat, lazy, orange cat - I tought it should be useful for a veterinary or for illustration. And, wow, it's accepted for today!

I don't want to 'sold out' our cat, and I promise I won't upload hundreds of photos about her, but anyway, I'm so happy about it. :)

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It's a long learning, to figure out what is acceptable and what is not sale able...and I'm on the beginning. :) Your comments are really important to me, because a photo from a beloved pet (or child etc.) means more to the photographer than others and buyers, so hard to be objective during uploading. Thank you for your comments and your opinions!


The secret is be creative! Nice capture.


Its a nice pic, like the contrast with the flowers.


A good pic is a good pic and i figure if they thank it will sell they will approve i like the pic


Nice shots. Like your "Happy Bird" also.


If the photo is good, whatever it is if the admins think it is sale able they will accept it, else you will get rejected. Its hard to understand the theory what they want and what they don't want. As I always say move on, upload better ones. Oh sorry I like you cat image,


In my opinion common rules dont apply to good photos....so the idea is even our pet photos are ok as long as they are good :))
Yours is good...
best of luck


sweet!! I also have a few of my dogs and they do sell



very cute cat!!! well done heehee


Cute cat! I had a few pets images accepted too and even had a few downloads. Good luck with your kitty!

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