An excerpt for Dreamstime

Appreciation for your Art.

The colors of the world come back at me through your lenses, faces smiling with a joy I have yet to express. However, I dream deeply in color because my world is not yet the perfect image of truth able to be translated into black and white. My dreams I find scattered throughout the many stacks of photographs on a table. Your visions mingle with my dreams at that place where we meet and dance between the worlds- and my reality became a new place suddenly; I can feel in Technicolor. And today this makes everything right with my world.

Thank you Dreamstime Photographers.

(there is also a full length poem coming, and perhaps I'll share that here when it is finished as well)

"The Truth of the Matter" is a book of Poetry/Prose & Deeply Personal Thoughts of Author, C.D.Grant--Coming Fall 2009

"The Truth of the Matter"

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April 08, 2009


I'll be working on that shortly, I have about 5 eBooks to work on, a newsletter and a novel. (not to mention the steady stream of advertising I do for my company, my publisher, etc) LOL

I'd love to read your poetry Littledesire!

April 01, 2009


Hey, waiting for your poem! I've written some, too (when I'm in a mood) :) Good luck!

April 01, 2009


So the second blog from a buyer, good sign and a chance to interact with buyers. Waiting for your poem.

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