Exchange rates give me a Dreamstime bonus!

Less than 6 weeks ago, the Australian Dollar was nearly at parity with the USD. Now it has slipped below .79 cents. While it does make it difficult to then buy camera gear in the USD, it has the effect of being paid a 20% bonus on all my sales at Dreamstime.

And there is another pass off effect. Lots of Australian importers of camera gear bought a lot of stuff when the dollar was high, so my money now buys more camera gear.

For instance, I bought a new Canon 24-105 L IS lens on Thursday for $1100 AUD which is $USD869. This made it the cheapest shop in the world at the time.

Right now I am busily loading more pics at DT trying to make that extra 20%. I hope the shift in the dollar is working for you as well.

Photo credits: David Omar.

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October 24, 2008


And it is still dropping, down to .68 now I believe. Makes for a good payday. I just spent three months overseas and ended up buying all my additional gear back here in Aust where it was cheaper, due to the exchange rate.

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