Excited to Discover Usage of One of My Photos

Today I decided to do a search for Susan+Pettitt+Dreamstime which I have done in the past but I had never discovered any of my photos that had been bought being used until today. I have seen my photos in the past being used since I use to donate pictures to the San Francisco Zoo and I have donated a few of my other pictures to other organizations plus I had several newspapers contact me for pictures of Tatiana the Siberian Tiger. I am always excited to see those pictures come up but today I was more excited when I saw one of my photos that had been bought from Dreamstime actually being used. This is a first for me. I look forward to finding more of my Dreamstime pictures being used in the future. :)

This is the Photo:

The website that is using the picture you can find here: Western Lowland Gorilla. The website has some great info on the W. Lowland Gorillas :)

Thank you for choosing my picture. I greatly appreciate it :)

Photo credits: Susan Pettitt.

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Thanks :)




yeah I had already looked around and of course looked at the sections that I also had animals in common with. :) My Gorilla is the only one that I saw of mine that they used but yeah I noticed they used a lot of others too.


Great find! I checked out the site and there are quite a few Dreamstime pictures there. All animals, of course. Check a little more, you may find some more of your pix.


thanks :) Was totally thrilled to finally see one of my Dreamstime photos being used :)


Fabulous! Congratulations! :)

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