Exciting Trip Ahead of Me

In a little over a week I will be flying back to my home town of Orlando, Florida because my nieces have been begging me for several years to come to one of their Karate tournaments but I was never able to make it to one of them until now since they live on the East Coast and I live on the West Coast of the United States. I chose to go to this match because it was based in Florida and also it is their final match of the year. Last years final match the Grand Champions got samurai swords instead of trophies which both of my nieces had enough points to be Grand Champions from all their tournaments they have won through out the year so they both received a samurai sword.

While I am at their tournament I am hoping that I will be able to get several good shots of the girls during the competition for me to use here on Dreamstime. I'm crossing my fingers since I do not normally take people shots :)

Also while I am in Florida I will be taking lots of other photos too for my portfolio but mainly of animals of course. :) I told my mom I really want to get pictures of Gators cause they always remind me of back home in Florida so we plan on hitting Gatorland while I am on my visit.

I am really excited about this trip because I do get to go back home for a few days and see my family and if all goes well with the pictures of my nieces they will be my first models.

Photo credits: Susan Pettitt.

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September 23, 2008


Funny thing you mentioned Disney. I use to be a cast member for Walt Disney when I lived there. As a cast member I was able to explore Animal Kingdom before it opened to the public. :) I actually use to consider Animal Kingdom as a second home to me when I worked for Disney cause before and after my shifts I was there taking in the beauty of all the animals :) One of these days I need to go back to Animal Kingdom but it will be when my husband is with me and I want to stay in the Animal Kingdom Resort with a Savannah view. He will not be with me on this trip do to just getting a new job and does not have any time available to take for vacation just quite yet.

September 23, 2008


Greetings from near Orlando! If you get the chance, Disney's Animal Kingdom is a great place for the kind of pictures that you like to take. The Safari ride is wonderful. Have a great trip!

September 23, 2008


Thanks for the info. I will have to keep that place in mind for my next trip I have out there since this trip is all planned out.

September 22, 2008


Hi Susan, If you have not already done so you may enjoy visiting the The Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary. It is located northeast of Naples. It's about 2 mile walk on a raised boardwalk through the swamp -- great for getting gator shots. Have fun!

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