Exclusive contributer

One of my first blogs I wrote was about my thoughts Not to become an exclusive contributer. But over the months I changed my mind. I thought about it a long time. Every now and then I looked at the exclusivity button on the management area and saw what my earnings could have been.

Then I counted my earnings elsewhere and everytime I checked, I earned more on Dreamstime if I was an exclusive contributer.

I also took in account the time I was spending uploading to the other sites. It does saves a lot of time and effort that I can spent now on taken more and better pictures and spent more time downstairs with my family than upstairs with my computer!

It is like getting maried. The first ones who are getting are the ones that shouted: I will never do that!

I shouted I will never go exclusive and look at me now.... and I am happy with it!

Have a nice day!

I am going to celebrate my freedom today, as it was 65 years ago, on the 5th of May 1945 that Holland was liberated of the second world war.

Make love, not war and respect each others differences.

Photo credits: Bob Suir.

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May 06, 2010


Congratulations! And welcome to the club ;)

May 06, 2010


Best of Luck I understand the part about spending more time with your family than on the computer...

May 06, 2010


Good luck on exclusivity!

May 06, 2010


Love the photos! Where was the "sexy attitude" one taken?

May 05, 2010


Congrats and good luck as an exclusive!

May 05, 2010


wonderful photos :)

May 05, 2010


Beautiful images!

May 05, 2010


great pictures!

May 05, 2010



May 05, 2010


I had to check but we first joined Dreamstime on the same day 27 th April 2009..... I love your portfolio. Sexy attitude is a really good image. David.

May 05, 2010


Good article and photo.

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