Exclusive Decision

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Well, I have decided to stop uploading to other sites, which is the first step to becoming EXCLUSIVE with Dreamstime. Over the next few months I will be able to disable images from other sites to allow the individual images to become exclusive here at DT. As soon as I can delete all the images at other sites, i will go completely exclusive here. Why? Here are the top reasons:

1. RF stock is only part of my photography business and uploading to many sites and tracking them all is VERY time consuming because of the difference in reviewing standards, types of images that are accepted, model release requirements, etc.

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2. Protecting the use of my images is IMPOSSIBLE if I have them strewn all over the web. With one location to purchase my images, I am enabling one agency to protect my images. By uploading to more than one site, none of the agencies really have the ability to protect my images at all.

3. To maximize the amount of money I make on each individual sale.

I know this decision isn't for everyone and most of the top RF stock professionals are not exclusive with anyone, but I will never have 10,000 images in my portfolio. I will re-evauate this decision if that DOES ever happen. For now, I started here at DT and I think it is time for me to come back here and only here.

Photo credits: Tyler Olson, Lisa F. Young, Norebbo, Jason Schulz.

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Welcome to the DT exclusive club, Jay. You will not regret it...


Thanks Photojay.


The difference is that previously, I had only a few images that were exclusive to DT, but many of my images were sold on other sites and were not exclusive. An exclusive photographer chooses to sell ALL their images ONLY here on DT. I have about 35 more images to be removed from other sites over the next month and a half, and then I will be an exclusive contributor to DT. Yes, you can display images on your personal website. The best way to do it is to use the HTML script provided by DT for the image to post it into a blog or on your website. That way it is linked to DT and with one click, they can go from your website to here at DT where they can purchase the image.


Please excuse my ignorance, but is there a difference between being exclusive to dreamstime vs exclusive on an image? Also, can an exclusively sold image still be displayed on your personal web site such as a blog?



Congrats on your choice Jay. I am not exclusive but Dreamstime had become my favorite agency so I think you chose the right one. Best of luck! And thanks for using my pic :-)


yay, glad to see you made the decision. good for you.

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