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Exclusive Photographer application submitted

It's in the hands of the administrators. After nearly 2 and half years of wandering around I am back to dreamstime exclusively and I hope my application will be approved. I know exclusive status isn't for everyone but I think it is best for me.

I do not manage my time well

i am not organized

I do not do well pulled in different directions

I hope with this decision to see my portfolio grow and sales increase. Hopefully everything is moving in the right direction

Photo credits: Constantin Opris, Denise Milana Beverly, Seraff, Juan Jose Tugores , Winterling.

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June 05, 2008


thanks everybody.. i am actually getting sort of excited about it now. i think the TOS says it could take a week to hear if it is approved or not. it will be good to get a handle on one agency and work toward building my portfolio for it.

alice... you and i both know how fleeting life can be and to be so pulled apart made it too stressful. i would rather submit to one agency and have some time with my family than to be able to say "oh i submit to 7 agencies, blah blah blah" you know what i mean?

well off to get my local stuff to the store for display and hopefully sell some of it. i will update when i hear from those in charge of the applications.

June 05, 2008


Thinking about doing the same thing.. not sure though.. ;0)

Keep at it Denise.. check out the lastest searches to find out what people are looking for.. that helps!

June 04, 2008


Good luck ! You have some really nice illustrations and images. I wish you much success with your decision. Have a great day! Peg

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