Exclusive sales

Today's suprise is two new sales from my exclusive images - thank you!:

In my opinion, exclusivity is not the best way on any stock sites. Maybe some of you will disagree, but I think I'm not good enough for exclusivity. :)

However, the option in Dreamstime that you can sell your images like exclusive without being an exclusive photographer is a unique and really good feature! Give enough freedom for photographer and...is it good for buyers also? What do you think?

As I imagine, buyers like photos they cannot reach in other sites, and it's important how many times a photo has been downloaded, how popular it is. I'm not thinking of couples in sunset or children in playground, but travel shots or building portraits. Should it be true?

Photo credits: Aginger.

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Well, being exclusive photographer is not the best option, I think. It would be good, if you have no enough time for several sites, only one. The advantage of DT is that you can check images like exclusives without being exclusive photographer.


i am a full exclusive photographer of dreamstime, i am happy with my sales but i wonder that is it a good thing ? Some people can sell their images in other sites and they are doubling their sellings. I don't know. Being an exclusive photographer is good or bad ?


Thank you for congrats. However, you may comment my opinions if you like ;)







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