Exclusivity - YES or NO ???

I would say YES!!!!!

Think about this for a moment. 0.20$per submited image, 300 images per day, do the math and equal 60 $ per day

IF you have 300 good images every day. IF not that's ok try just with 50, and you will get 10$/day just from uploading images.

Do not forget about the extra 10% from each sale!!!!!

So, if you have in your portofolio more that 50 images, and you want to make more money, BECOME EXCLUSIVE!!!

I can guarantee you will see the diference in the money you make! Trust me i have tried!!!!

Photo credits: Popa Sorin.

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Yes, Hakansenturk2005, you can take the whole money!!!!!


I would like to ask a question? If you are exclusive photographer and reach the $100, will you take the whole money ?


I considered it, but for now I prefer to keep the eggs in different baskets...But I never say never.


Hi, I'm a exclusive and loving it. ^^


Exclusive photographer means exclusive images!!!!
This means that you sell images only thru Dreamstime agency


exclusive images or exclusive photographer? Are these conditions for both or?


Add this method and you can do 70% for your sales.

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