EXIF/IPTC editing

there are programs available that allows you to edit the Exif/Iptc data of a photo so that you can add title, describtion and keywords to it. Which program works best?

So far I found and tried I.tag but it turned out it accepted only 5 keywords from a list of 30. Title and description worked OK.

Photo credits: Richard Thomas.

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Thanks for you advice and comments. Mossel


Thank you all, for all the suggestions and tips. I tried several suggestions and ended up with Photoshop CS3 that works best. This makes submitting a lot easier so I have more time left for the shooting:)


I use Photoshop or Bridge to change the Title and keyword


photoshop - Info File. You can save templates that you ca load again in two clicks. Faster way if you have a lot of pics to edit, adobe bridge.


best free command line exif tool here (http://www.sno.phy.queensu.ca/~phil/exiftool/), or ITag(http://www.itagsoftware.com/) also free.
I also use pro stock master (http://www.pro stock master.com/) for keywording./remove spaces from link/


I also use Photoshop! Sometimes even create an Action for keywords for similar photos and it's doing everything by itself!


I use photoshop and at times lightroom.


I use Lightroom for keywording, it's a little clunky compared to some of the more specialised tools available, but it's cheap, cheerful, and works great.


thank you Steakhachai for the suggestion. I downloaded Xnview and tested it, works ok. The problem is that it takes only 8 keywords....at least some more than I.tag.
How many keywords does Photoshop accept?


I also use Photoshop and it works very well to add words


XnView works well


Thanks Phakimata for your lightening fast reply on my question. I tried photoshop too but my version (7?) doesn't have the keyword option. Will take a look at Opando you suggested.


I always do this with Photoshop.
If you have a PC you can simply right click on the photo and go to properties. In there you can modify title, description, keywords and other fields. You can also use "Opando".


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