Expanding Portfolio - Learning Along the Way

It was a chance internet search that point me in the direction of microstock and DT was the first agency that I signed up and gotten a sale.

In the beginning, my uploads are all mountain landscapes. That is what I love and the purpose why I bought my Olympus DSLR in the first place. Looking back I realised that I needed to expand and diversified my fortfolio.

The last time I used that camera was in Jan 2009 and I signed up with DT in Oct 10. By Dec 10 I realised that I needed to relearn to use the camera and start shooting.

But what to shoot? I needed to do a bit of research of DT database before exploring. December is traditionally a festive season so there are many areas to explore. In doing so, I learn so much.

What have I learnt?

Learning Points

Research DT Database

Do a search and see what is uploaded and selling. Those things may not be applicable where I am but at least it gives a fair idea to explore.

Add Color

I love blue but it does not look good to see the same color in every photo. A dash of colors add variety and spice.

Hobbies and Favourite Things To Do

I have many other hobbies like jellewery making, going to the movies and window shopping. So these areas are a good place to diversify my portfolio.

Learning Own Strength and Weak Points

What I learnt about myself is that studio works is not for me. Many, many ways to learn before I head in that direction. But I love the outdoors and going to the mall. For now, I am focusing on what I know and learning new things as they come along.

Bring The Camera Everywhere

I bought a point and shoot camera that is small and fit in my handbag. It had 12MP and came in handy when unexpectactly I came across a Thaipusam procession which I did not realise happen to be that day.

Look at Current Events

Looking at the newspapers for current events is a good way to plan a shoot. Maybe somewhere a place is having an opening ceremony. It is a good idea to head there with a camera. You never know what you may stumble on.

Each Camera Has it's Good and Bad Points

In bright sunlight, all my cameras work fine. But in low light and night shoot, I realised that my DSLR worked best. So next time I'll bring it along when I have something planned, the point and shoot camera is for standby or unexpected situation.

Practice, practice, practice

I have been shooting almost everyday now, though not all photos end up here. Some I used in my travel blog. By practising regularly, I think each person discovers his or her own style and improve their techniques.

But most of all I think is to have fun. I love photography, money is secondary. Catching that moment in time in photography is such a joy.

So, have fun shooting!

Photo credits: Haslinda.

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February 03, 2011


Hi Kelvintt, Veyron85, Egomezta, Laurasinelle and Onime. Thanks for dropping by and your comments. Another place to explore is tourist attractions. Try to avoid the crowd by going there early morning. To stand out from the crowd, try out different compositions. Shoot in black and white, low angle shot or shoot up instead or eye level. I'm trying to do these things and waiting for blue sky. It has been storming every day now here. Just explore your surroundings, wherever you are. Cheers!

February 03, 2011


Thanks for sharing, Great article.

February 03, 2011


Great blog.... Thanks for sharing... I always try to follow most of your suggestions.

February 03, 2011


Nice pictures

February 03, 2011


thanks for sharing!

February 03, 2011


Thank you for your kind words, Infotrontof, Mariaam, Almaterra, Alienska84 and Gennaro86. You know what? I just realise I earn another credit for writing a blog. This I will use to help my fellow photographers along. It is good to share experience and help one another. So I encourage everybody to write a blog article. Thanks for reading and sharing. :)

February 03, 2011


Thank you for sharing!

February 03, 2011


Thanks for this article and sharing your experiences! I am new on DT so I need learning a lot :)

February 03, 2011


Great photos and blog!

February 03, 2011


Great article. Thanks for sharing!

February 03, 2011


Good title .. that's my mantra ;)

February 02, 2011


Thanks for your comment, Tan510jomast. Don't know why there is a double post. Had since locked the other post.

February 02, 2011


hello. congrats on a well written blog.
it's good to know your strong and weak points, for sure. it's even better when the "found" images end up selling best for you.
yes, all in all, variety is the spice , that is, until over time, you find a specific trend to focus with what sells for you on each site.
All the best.

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