Expect the unexpected

After doing a lot of research I decided that stock photography was going to be a way of keeping my photography interests afire and give me a reason to constantly be thinking about the world and how it can be captured.

So after some advice from an accomplished stock photographer I decided to sign up to DT as my first stock folio site and uploaded my first 11 images. Now I understood the first rounds of uploads are as much learning the ropes of the particular stock site as it is about making sure only the very best images are accepted.

So in this regard I uploaded what can only be considered extremely generic run of the mill photos shot in my home made light box to see what would be accepted and what would be rejected (almost half were ;-) ). I was done uploading but then at the last moment I decided to upload a picture of Australia's Parliament House from a night shoot I did recently.

Imagine my surprise and amazement when not less than a week after approval I had my first sale here on DT and it was the night shot! I had completely not expected this to happen and was totally blown away - imagine what this has done for my motivation?!

After reading so much about stock photography in part being a numbers game (totally acknowledging quality/topic has a huge factor) I wasn't expecting a sale until I had uploaded at least a 100 photos or more!

So while this happened I had my second round of generic stock images in for approval which I got a 100% success rate on which made me very glad. But now I have uploaded another 11 images which are not run-of-the-mill studio shots - more night shots of Canberra, a dog in a truck, a metal sculpture etc - and I wait with high anticipation to see what will be accepted.

Do I dare to expect the unexpected again? I think I will :)


Photo credits: Glenn Martin.

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Thanks for the welcome, Lenutaidi. Will definitely building part of my portfolio around night subjects as I do enjoy doing it. Pity it is so cold in Canberra (Australia) at the moment!


Great! Well done Glenn! Try to shooting more pictures in the night! They sell better than those made day. Keep shooting and uploading! Sales will come! Best regards!


Great! Well done Glenn! Keep shooting and uploading! Sales will come! Best regards!


Cammeraydave: thanks for the welcome. Amazing sale to photo ratio you have there. I've Favorited you and will be studying your work closely!

Inyrdreams: thanks for the welcome too. Have to say the community side of DT is feeling very very nice :-)


welcome to stock and dt! there is a fine group of happy people here, with lots of ideas and answers to your questions. we look forward to seeing more of your work


Good Luck Mate !


Clearvista: thanks for the welcome. Definitely plan on getting more diverse with my photos as will hopefully be evident in my next round of approvals :)

1990wordsimages: thank you, I do want to get off the standard stuff, how many black plastic clamps does the world really need? ;)

Rigsby8131: thank you so much, I have a few more night shots around Canberra in my latest pending approvals, will be interesting to see if they get through.

Bradcalkins: thanks for the advice, I do have the Canon 100mm macro (the one below the L series) which I'll start using for the smaller stuff, and on my list to buy is the 50mm f/1.4. Need to pump up the light out put though, I know that, trying not to blow the bank on everything I want in the first week ;)

Msalena: thanks for the kind words. I do actually feel I have just been lucky with an early anomaly, but also hoping for more sales to keep the enthusiasm burning


Welcome! Great night shot! Good luck and more sales to come soon!


I highly recommend you get your backgrounds white before you get much further along, actual isolation will help get sales... And why are your images 8-12MP when you have a 6D? I highly recommend the inexpensive 50mm macro if you don't have one if you are cropped down with your zoom.

Cheers - enjoy the sales!


I'm not surprised your night shot sold. Excellent photo. I have just started my fourth year here at DT and I am still surprised at what sells and what doesn't.

Expect the unexpected sums it up perfectly!!!

Good luck for the future.



Indeed good job. I also always expect the unexpected. Also regarding subjects. Many people avoid photographing special subjects because they are not in the popular list. I try to photograph as broad as possible to reach as much clients as possible. Shoot with plan BUT also shoot the unusual things on your way ....

Like you say Glenn... expect the unexpected.

Good luck.



Well done Glenn, great start to your new venture on Dreamstime. Diversity in what you upload will greatly improve your sales potential. Don't forget to also include some editorial photos. Perhaps go to your local City of town and photograph people doing everyday jobs. Great to get your second batch all approved. Hope your success continues for you here.

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