Experiences with chromatic aberrations of compact cameras

Hello dear dreamstime members,

one reason of refusals are chromatic aberrations in the photographies. You all know this subject CA. I am using a compact camera - of course I am saving money for better one non-compact camera, but this needs lots of time - and I had the luck that some few of my images where accepted. I have taken a little bit naivly photographies of different subjects and I had CAs. At first I didn't know what does this mean and then I have informed myself on the internet. After I have found some images with this CA I have taken again a look on my images on 100 percent. Then I saw the colored CAs of the images. After I have made another different searches on the net about this compact camera phenomen and after I had discussed with a camera dealer, I have known that every compact camera has the problem with CAs. Of course - including me - some people are not able to buy an exepensive camera (beginning with ca. 500 eur or 700 dollars). So they have to fight with CAs. I have photoshop elements 8 and there is a good forum of adobe. I had the luck that one of the admins has answered my question about CAs. They have told me, that I have to change the saturation of this part of the image - first you have to select the colored CA -. And it worked! It was a great feeling, when I saw that the CA was away. I had the feeling that I cannot upload images, because they are having CAs but now I get the power to photograph in spring different items and I will try to get them accepted from Dreamstime. Saturation was the magic word and I am really glad, that there are such a lot of helpful people in message boards and forums. Of course sometimes I am fighting with the English language and I am using google translator sometimes to translate images or I am writing with mistakes. But at the end I get the answer and it doesn't matter that I am from Germany on this stage. For the other German people Saturation = Sättigung. Now I am still saving money for a better cam, I hope it will be come soon. But this is a good alternative until I will get the new one.

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Photo credits: Martina Ledermann.

Your article must be written in English

February 03, 2010


Thank you, great tip.

February 02, 2010


Yes, CA is a big problem with point-and-shoot cameras. I've been there, and am still fighting it. It can't be completely avoided unless you spend LOTS of money on expensive lenses (which require an expensive camera). Fortunately, as you found, there is a way to eliminate it (or reduce it) using Photoshop.

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