Experiencing Chinese food

For a foreigner coming to China, adjusting to Chinese food can represent a challenge. In my first visit I couldn't accept and enjoy it so much, due to a great difference to western cuisine. At my second visit, I feel in LOVE with healthy and natural Chinese food.

A healthy Chinese meal:

I heard a joke that a foreigner come to China and plan to stay one year to try all the cuisine in China, but after one year he is still in Guangdong province…

The variety can be seen in every meal, and choices are unlimited. Different areas of the country have completely different and recognizable cousin.

Breakfast: For breakfast is the best to eat something steamed, as it is light and nutritious to start the day.

Baozi, popular steamed buns, most common breakfast:

Steamed Chinese Meat Buns Baozi

City famous for its breakfast is Guangzhou and Guangdong province. Guangdong people like to steam food, which is the reason why most of the Cantonese food is light and healthier.

The following are pictures of 'dimsum', steamed dish, commonly served in bamboo steamers and had in Guangzhou for breakfast.

Chinese dimsum shrimp shao mai in bamboo steamer

Steamed pork baozi in soup on a steamer

Beef meatballs on bamboo food steamer

Girl taking shrimp dumpling with chopsticks

Naturally, every meal is perfectly followed by a cup of Chinese tea:

Hot water pouring into ceramic teapot

Rose tea in a ceramic teapot

This is probably 1% of the meals you can find in China, as it is well known that many many things can be prepared as (tasty) food in China.

Some (for me) unusual food and meals:

Zongzi, traditional Chinese food usually prepared for the Dragon Boat Festival:

Zongzi, traditional Chinese food usually prepared for Dragon Boa

Fried baby bees:

Fried baby bees and red pepper

Fried silkworm:

Fried silkworm and red pepper

Chicken wings BBQ stuffed with rice:

Chicken wings stuffed with rice on BBQ stand

Jujube, Chinese dried red date:

Jujube, Chinese dried red date fruit on a plate

Lychee, tropical fruit:

Woman taking lychee tropical fruit from a plate

Chinese food can be described in a 1000 page novel, so this article is meant just to show variety and impressions of a foreigner meeting Chinese food (for the second time)

Thanks for reading.

Photo credits: Saletomic.

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August 09, 2017


Thank you for reading.
Chinese food is inspiring by its nature :)

August 09, 2017


What an inspiring images! Thank you very much sharing.

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