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When anyone mentions Denmark as a travel destination then most people conjure up images of ‘Wonderful wonderful Copenhagen’ and the colorful bustling quayside of Nyhavn, or the forlorn looking Little Mermaid staring out across the water. But there is a whole lot more to Denmark than just this. It is well worth the effort to get out and about, and tour the country soaking up it’s rich uncrowded landscape and warm hospitality.

One recommended destination for a quiet and peaceful break would be the island of Langeland, easily reachable from Copenhagen via the bridge (no not THAT bridge) but the other equally impressive one that straddles the ‘the Great Belt’. Or for a more sedate arrival, also reachable via the ferry from Lolland.

Spodsbjerg ferry docking, Langeland, Denmark

The island of Langeland itself isn’t massive, measuring only 285 km2 or 110 square miles, but is now becoming known as a recreational and wellness tourism area (Wikipedia). With it’s quiet country lanes and slower pace of life, and amazing sunsets it’s easy to understand why it’s gained that reputation.

Silhouetted paddle boarder peaceful sunset

Another reason for visiting Langeland is it’s rich collection of Neolithic sites. The island is literally scattered with long barrows and dolmens. One of the most impressive of these is Hulbjerg Passage Grave, on the south of the island. It dates back to 3300–3200 BC and is situated on a 15-meter hill overlooking the surrounding countryside. The interior of the grave can also be visited, if you don’t suffer from claustrophobia that is, or mind crawling through the narrow entrance passage.

Hulbjerg Passage Grave, Bagenkop, Denmark

Once you’ve had your fill of historic sites, visit the attractive harbor of Bagenkop. On a summer evening the harbor quickly fills up with visiting boats and yachts mooring for the night after an excellent days sailing in the area. This influx of overnight visitors makes the quayside a colorful and interesting spectacle, as people set up barbecues, and socialize with their international crowd of neighbours. Chatting and relaxing together in a very laid back atmosphere.

Picturesque harbour, Bagenkop, Langeland, Denmark

So the moral to the story is if you want a more diverse portfolio, which includes less well covered subjects, then exploration is the answer. Look beyond the obvious destinations and wander off the beaten track. There are many more hidden gems just waiting to be discovered.

Watching the Golden sunset, Bagenkop, Denmark

Photo credits: Imladris.

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January 13, 2020


Thank you Enrique, I can definitely recommend a trip!

January 12, 2020


Nice images, I hope I can go to Denmark.

January 09, 2020


Thank you too for your thoughts and kind words William.

January 09, 2020


Great travel journal and wonderful photos to illustrate it! Dreamstime photographers like you take us to so many great places in the world. I hope some day just to visit some. Thanks so much for writing, (and by the way I love your profile name "Imladris", conjures images of a special place too!). 

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