Exploring Different Angles, Even With Moss

I remember as a child my father taking his large camera with us on trips and walking around bushes, flowers, and any random object really to take pictures. I always wondered why he would get down low or in a strange position. Forward twenty years and now I'm doing the same thing.

As someone new to the world of photography, and still learning the ropes, one of the things I've learned is to explore different angles. Capturing an image of a flower while standing above it is one thing, but what if you get your camera down on the flowers level?

It changes everything.

Different perspectives and angles help us see the world in new ways. Looking at things from an ants point of view is vastly differentthan a humans point of view. Not only does exploring different angles create more artistic and creative photos, but it also changes how you will look to find the right picture.

Green Moss closeup on tree

I find myself on a treasure hunt of sorts when I'm out and about. What if I hold my camera this way? What if I use this filter? Should I zoom in or out? Try them all I say! It's never going to hurt you to take more photos than less. So go out, take risks, and don't be afraid to explore different angles!

Photo credits: Joy Fanning.

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February 23, 2019


wow, try them all..! insightful article..Thanks.

February 21, 2019


Yes,i do the same

February 19, 2019


It's nice to go out and see what other people can't see.

February 18, 2019


Moss is beautiful !

February 18, 2019


Yes, this wonderful planet is like a divine treasure hunt! And you can get a list of birds, trees, wildlife, insects or flowers and make it a scavenger hunt too. There is no end to the fascinations within this creation, and no end to the photography subjects either. Love it! William

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