EXPO 2015 at Milan

City transportation Milan

The green facade and yellow tram were the first to be seen after exit from the Milan metro station. It was beautiful day and I was suprised with the beauty of the city. Usualy the Rome is the most beautiful Italian city, but that day Milan was splendid. The famous Gallery Vittorio Emanuele was full of people.

Gallery Vittorio Emanuele in Milan

Gallery Vittorio Emanuele in Milan

Immediately after entering EXPO space the Gigant figures made of food are waiting for visitors to be seen.

EXPO 2015 Milano

I had no time to read about them, there were more than 100 different pavilions waiting to be visited. For some of them 2.5 hours was foreseen waiting time for entrance plus time to visit the pavilion. I visited Thailand pav.

Expo 2015 Milano, beautiful Thailand pavilion

and Urugvay.

EXPO 2015 Milano, Urugvay pavilion

Chinese had very interesting snake like skin in red color,

EXPO 2015 Milano - China pavilion

while Italian was in pure white with interesting cuttings.

EXPO 2015 Milano Italian pvilion

EXPO 2015 - Tree of Life

It was very exiting to see the Tree of life, both in day light as well as in night scene.

EXPO 2015 - Tree of Life and water in blue colours

At the end I was happy to see the building of famous San Raffaello, Research and Medical Centre, the European Excellence.

Milano, San Raffaelo Hospital

Photo credits: Ninoak.

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November 24, 2015


OOOh! lucky! That is wonderful you go to go! Greta photos! I am a little envious : )

November 24, 2015


Congratulations, beuatiful images!

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