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I was reading about this technique in photography, the meaning is that the background of photo is exposed different then the subject. Try to find such photos in Dreamstime with that mystical expressions and choose some of them to illustrate the idea.

That technique can also be done in for example Photoshop it is difficult and the result is not identical to what camera can do, but let try. You can take two photos of the same scene but with two different expose and then in graphic program compound one image based on those two or just put layer with blur filter (Gaussian Blur). Have a fun…

Photo credits: Kristof Degreef, Katharina Wittfeld, Nikhil Gangavane.

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March 03, 2008


Thank you for choosing my photo. I don't know if it's a good example for this technic through. I adjusted Levels in PS, a bit of sharpening and added an orange colored gradient. That's all!

March 03, 2008


I jut thought that it is a good example of this technique, not necessarily did by PS. It could also be made by good quality equipment.

March 03, 2008


Hey thanks for including my photo. But I must say on this specific one, I have not used any photoshop on this one. I generally use PS only for images that have to create a more colorful expression like this one -


And I can't always do that because to use photoshop I have to use my friends PC as I cannot afford the original copy and I am against using pirated ones.

February 29, 2008


That’s true, I think those specific technique is dedicated to photos of nature but I find some examples of other subjects that also were really surprised.

February 29, 2008


I did a search on HDR, which stands for High Dynamic Range and it did yield some results. Here is one that I like
 HDR of Rosebud Pier 
Like other post processing techniques though, it can be overused, and what some fail to realise is that it just does not work for every photo. In this case, it works very well and adds unique drama to an image that might otherwise be a throwaway due to less than adequate light.

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