Express Yourself

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It's been few days since I started my participation in the message boards & I think I've mised alot of hot issues & discussions... (I hope no one is getting annoyed with my start there :)).

I also tried to read threads as much as I can to know more & more about the site that takes at least 1 hour from me everyday now! (DT of course)

I'm enjoying every section & everyday I learn more & more from it...

Latest sections, Popular photos, blogs etc... But the message boards is the most useful place for who wants to make things clear...

And it's funny because if you think you're not looking for anything in particular, there is always an issue that will pay your attention, even welcoming a new member with a nice portfolio...

It's really nice to feel your self active & belong to the world where artists meet!

I felt like expressing my self & advice the new members, go to message boards, it will make you avoid many mistakes... knowing the members better day by day & change your point view that DT is not only a photo stock!

Express your self...


PS: This photo was an inspiration from the message boards...

Photo credits: Maen Zayyad.

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