Extended license is not a myth

I have been with Dreamstime for almost a year now and like every one else I have had the excitment of my first accepted photo.

This of course inspired me to carry on.

Then I got my first sale. I remember it like it was yesterday, wow was I excited.

That excitment still remains with every sale. I also have tried to keep informed of what goes on in Dreamstime so I continue to read the blogs and forums and occasionlly see where someone mentioned that they sold a photo under an extended license.

So as I accumulated sales from the selling of my photos, I kind of thought the extended licenses was some sort of myth or urban legend.

The thing you here about but never really saw for yourself.

Auhhhhh but one morning when I logged on and saw my earnings balance it had jumped up a bunch.

I looked at it again thinking someone must have made a mistake so I went to my sales and bingo.

One of my personal favorites had sold under a web extended license.

The myth was busted I actually had one myself.

Another first to celebrate , and another reason to get excited.

Photo credits: Dave Willman.

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April 22, 2008


Massive COngrats!! keep creating!!

April 21, 2008


That's great! I'm sure more will come your way... and hopefully I'll eventually see one too!

April 21, 2008


Thank you for the compliment , very appreciated.

April 21, 2008


Way to go, Dave! I wouldn't be surprised to see you get many more ELs. You have a great port.

April 21, 2008



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