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This blog is an extension of the very useful one posted by Brett Critchley: "How to search your own portfolio....... ". His blog sparked thoughts about more ways to use the Advanced Search feature for checking my keywords. Here is what I did.

I followed Bret's instructions for limiting the database return to Lostarts images. Then I selected the radio button "Match Any Word" and entered both 'philippine' and 'philippines'. The result was 54 images. Then "Match All Words" resulting in only 15 images. Clearly, I have 39 images needing one or the other keyword.

To prove that having both singular and plural is important, I did this test. I selected the radio button "Match All Words" and entered just 'philippine' resulting in 48 images. Then 'philippines' resulting in only 23 images. Proof, to me, the necessity for keywording both forms for maximum exposure in the database.

I also noted that my newly accepted images from a day or two ago did not show up, indicating to me that Dreamstime database servers had not updated yet. The only other way I could know this was to plow through all nearly 6,000 images of the Philippine Islands.

One other thing I did was to enter both keywords, check the "Match Any Word" button then select "Download/Descending" option in the "Sort by" after results showed. I could then see which type of my Philippine Islands are selling best. Tells me I should shoot more of those types.

Thanks again, Bret!

Photo credits: Lostarts.

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November 12, 2011


what we can do is putting as many as key words on it. no other options. Thanks for sharing. good luck. You took so many nice city pictures recently, by the way.

November 11, 2011


Thank You!

November 10, 2011


Thank you

November 09, 2011


Multiple forms are useful - I had someone search on "colorful colors colourful colours" the other day and buy a picture :)

November 09, 2011


Thanks for sharing, useful info.

November 09, 2011


I never checked the need to mention the two forms (sg and pl) of a noun, until now. Nice work!

November 09, 2011


Thanks for the info! Good job!

November 09, 2011


Cheers Art and you to share a great way to explore your own portfolio and or the ever expanding DT database :-)

November 09, 2011


Very interesting, thanks for sharing!!!

November 08, 2011


This will come in handy when searching for some picture with complex keywords.
(have added this as useful)

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