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© Lejoch
© Lejoch
Photography is not my job, I take pictures especially on holidays. However, living in a beautiful town, I decided to take my Nikon and to go to take some shots (I bought my first digital camera last year, before I had a Nikon FM2 which will be forever my first, unforgettable love). When I came back I looked at them, but none, in my opinion, could be uploaded in the site. After having seen the streets and the monuments of my town for hundreds of times I had photographed only details that I did not notice before or strange situations. As amateur photographer it’s easier for me to take stock oriented pictures when I’m travelling. I plan my travel reading guides and magazines for months and then when arrive in a country I photograph what amaze me but also what I expect to find there, which is not, of course, the reality, the present, but probably just its more picturesque aspect. I have then decided, in a sunny day, to take some pictures again and I stopped in a beautiful square, my favorite one, trying to see it through the eyes of tourists, watching what they were watching.
© Lejoch
I uploaded 6 photos and with my great surprise 5 of them were accepted and just one refused as “not generic enough”. Of course this does not mean good sales but it has been a very interesting and funny experience.

Photo credits: Lejoch.

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May 02, 2012


Thanks for your comments.

April 26, 2012


Very true, I try to take my camera everywhere even when I go downtown, You never know what you can get, specially after some years of learning what sells...

April 26, 2012


I was thinking about this myself recently on vacation. Here I am going to a touristy spot where no doubt a fellow DTer or stock photographer lives (or visits). Meanwhile back home I probably have a unique spot with no competition. Of course being in a new location lets one see everything with fresh eyes. And since the tourist spot is popular then the market for images in that location is greater than perhaps ones hometown. I think the seasons can sometimes be like traveling also. I was certainly happy to get out of the home studio and out in the real world recently.

April 26, 2012


Yes very true. We tend to take for granted our own environments and miss a lot of photo opportunities. I will take a leaf from your book and try to see through the eyes of a stranger as well, thank you. :)

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