The Face of an Insect

I would like all to know that this picture on the left is the reason why I named this blog “The face of an Insect”. This is really the first time I could see emotions on the face of this colorful caterpillar. Please note that no artificial coloring has been done this image while post processing. I was following this caterpillar on a coconut for quite a long time. After some 15 minutes, it realized that it was moving on the same surface which was being manipulated by someone behind the lens which made it look at the lens this way. Sounds strange but really it kept staring like this till I took the camera away and left it on a leaf, till then it was running around like a kid on that coconut which was actually at treadmill I made for it. :D

Since long I have been fascinated with insects and macro photography. The colors and patterns in a macro world are so immensely beautiful than what we see in real life. An hour with a camera in a macro mode makes you feel like you were in an alien world for sometime. You can relate to the communication of insects and other natural objects which we often ignore. There is so much going on in this little world on such a vast extent that we can hardly believe that there can be a world which is more populated than ours but yet works so efficiently without traffic jams or unreasonable killings. They have perfect networks that run not only on chemical traces but also what we normally call as 6th sense. With powers for ants detecting rains long before they arrive, worms that detect earthquakes hours before and may more extraordinary facts this world is damn beautiful than yucky. You can refer to these blogs of mine for more information on macro photography of insect world



Photo credits: Nikhil Gangavane.

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