Facebook contest!I'd like to thank to all who voted for me with a sale


I have just arrived at home and found the nice surprise that I'm the winner of 50 DT credits in the contest that Dreamstime made through Facebook:


I would like to grateful those who voted "I like" in my golden retriever picture with a sale of one of their level 0 (1 credit) images ;-) Of course those who have a Dreamstime account and pictures for sale!!

Since I'm not a designer neither I need specific photos for any work, I just choose some beautiful photos that I will use as wallpapers for my computer and mobile phone. I adore dogs so the first I will look into portfolios will be dogs and puppies ;-) if not, beautiful landscapes, sunsets, flowers or views :)

So the following people will receive a sale from me:

There are some people that I don't know their DT portfolios (thanks Debbie for posting into your wall!!!) so if these people are reading this, please answer this thread in order to look at their portfolios and make a sale ;-)

Carolyne MacMillan

Cristina Perez

Nenov Brothers

Sarah Smith

Ivaylo Dimitrov Ivanov

Mailis Laos

Pyb Photographe

Anke van Wyk

Gabriel Blaj

Corina Daniela Obertas

Js Angela (Starblue)

Altaf Hussein

Carlos Santos

Alexander Längauer

Maen Zayyad

Debbie McCale

Les Cunliffe

Ebaa Momani

The following people, I don't know their portfolios!, please if you read this, answer this blog:

Leslie Murray

Ka Kat Tan

Valentyna Chukhlyebova

Elitsa Lambova

Mary Perry

Vojtěch Mareš

Jyothi Joshi

Luba V Nel

Celeste Odono

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September 08, 2011


Congrats!!! Great story and great pic :)

August 29, 2011



August 29, 2011


congratulation on your fantastic achievement

August 29, 2011


Congrats, Ingrid!

August 29, 2011


Congrats Ingrid :) A great photo and a nice story from you ! Well deserved win !!
Since you were looking for my (Jyothi Joshi) port, here it is : https://www.dreamstime.com/Jyothi_info
Sorry, I don't have any cute puppies or dog photos, but feel free to browse through ! You necessarily don't have to download from mine, only if you find any image useful , you can do so :) Thanks !!

August 27, 2011


Congratulations Ingrid! Your story is great...
I double what Debbie & Gabriel said! Wasn't need it to DL any to thank us! That's what friends are for! ;)

August 27, 2011


Congratulations! :)

August 27, 2011


Well done Ingrid, congratulations!

August 27, 2011


Really great! Congrats!

August 27, 2011


Congratulations Ingrid because u won this contest :)
Thank you for thinking at me also but you not need to buy for me:)I would like you choice what you like from anyone

August 26, 2011


Well done Ingrid, congratulations! Love golden retrievers, beautiful dogs. :)

August 26, 2011


Congrats!! Can't help but smile when I look at that happy wet dog!

August 26, 2011


That's great, congratulations!!! bye, Francesca :-)

August 26, 2011


Wonderfull... Congratulations!!!

August 26, 2011


you are so welcome Ingrid.Glad you won it is a great photo and well deserved.(((H))) Debbie
PS you do not have to buy one of mine.Use that for you!!!!

August 26, 2011


Congratulations Ingrid! :)

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Photo credits: Ingrid Prats.