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Fact Or Fable?

Do you trust what you see? Do you trust what you read?

In the Internet communities we all have usernames, we all haven't seen each others ever (of course there're some exceptions) and our judgement on each other is based on our observation skills, and it depends on everything that others want to let us know about themselves.

Do you trust it? Do you believe every story people talk about themselves? Every experience they have gone through? Is everything really happened? Are blog entries true life stories or are they colorful tales of productive imagination?

Are we really those persons what we are in real life? Or are we those who we want to be? Facts or fables?

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Photo credits: Andres Rodriguez, Simone Van Den Berg, Alexey Teterin.

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September 12, 2007


In this day and age I have become jaded and do not believe everything I read, see or hear. History, fact, science has a bend to it based on the person doing the intrepretation AND to the victors. Having said all of that negative stuff... I do still believe in alot that I read, see and hear. I try not to be all inclusive!

September 07, 2007


If it were by would have had the button. I am afraid I am not in charge of it :).
Rimbaud is wierd anyway, I just like that particular quotation ..:) poetry is not my cup of tea......I am more into prose.....Like honesty a lot.....And I laughed to die at the ressemblance you drew my attention upon

September 06, 2007


I think and believe that the articles on blogs are real. I speak only the true, and I believe that and others do the same.

September 05, 2007


As I write I blog true from my heart, I believe what others put up here. And I can take up a challenge from anyone to prove my blogs as fictious.

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