Factors of affecting sales

Here are the 8 factors that I can think of:

1. Diversify of image

2. Quality of image

3. Quantity of image

4. Exclusivity of image

5. Keywording of image

6. Activeness in blogging and messaging

7. Level of image

8. Your popularity

Do you agree? or you can add on some?

Here is my latest image:

Photo credits: Annie Su Yee Yek.

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September 28, 2011


Agree, I think you could add uniqueness of image as well.

September 27, 2011


and a know how like yours! you're moving along quite well, congratulations!

September 22, 2011


totally agree with you!

September 22, 2011


You have a great portfolio and I think this is the first factor of the top ten ;) !

September 22, 2011


Thanks for sharing, and what about the other 2 factors??

September 22, 2011


Great blog!

September 22, 2011


Thanks. You have a fantastic portfolio and lot of sales and obviously know what you are talking about, so please forgive me for asking: what do you mean by quantity of an image? And diversity? I am still rather new and I desperate to understand what makes the image sell. Ewapix

September 22, 2011


Thanks for sharing... There are 2 missing factors. Anyway is great info.

September 22, 2011


Oops! is only 8 factors not 10. :)

September 22, 2011


I agree that you have everything you need to sell!
Excellent image, excellent sales potential!

September 22, 2011


This topic is always interesting. The factors you mentioned above, are tested or it's just an opinion?

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