Fake profiles and spam

There seems to be more fake profiles and spam occurring of late. Not sure why but unfortunate and I certainly encourage everyone to report them. Do wish I had a grumpy face photo but a nice photo of a gorilla (which are lovely animals) is the best I can do.

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Photo credits: Derek Rogers.

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August 01, 2011


I wondered whether people should have to have had some photos accepted before they can post to blogs for example as that might reduce some spam. (The profiles I've encountered and checked on have had no photos accepted, which suggests they have possibly have no intention of anything but spam).

July 30, 2011


I was also spammed twice, as long as it doesn´t become too much..

July 30, 2011


Spammers are getting on my head lately. Let`s hope we all somehow get rid of them!

July 30, 2011


You're right...

July 30, 2011


What would be ironic is for a spammer to comment here :P

July 29, 2011


The spams are very annoying! ... Cute gorilla!

July 29, 2011


Funny photo !

July 29, 2011


I noticed it too (and I always report them)

July 29, 2011


Thanks for the information are everywhere now!

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