To mark the first day of fall, I just thought-

"Hmmm, it's nice to share something appropriate for this season."

Maybe if I put something out there (free picture), someone will appreciate it. I selected a picture with the leaves of fall hanging on a tree branch. It worked! I got so excited to see the number of people viewing and downloading it.

So, thank you very much to all who took the time to even glimpse!

Even more thanks to those who chose to download it!

Now, if only I had more pictures in my portfolio. It's still not too late!

I feel like a real photographer now! Yey! :)

P.S. The photo featured is called Autumn Sun.

Photo credits: Mary-ann Evangelista.

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April 15, 2008


how did you find this?
Ano gawa mo jan?

April 09, 2008


hi!C JAY-ARR ito kamusta ka na?may bago ka pa lang hobby nasa australia na ako eto email add ko jayarr.javier@yahoo.com.au eto tel.no.0488151260 hintay ko tawag mo.

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