Falling at the last hurdle

I’ve been trying to bring up my approval ratio, avoiding assignments etc so, on Sunday, I’m at 79.9%, one more approval needed to hit the magic 80%, next pending image is a different POV on two already accepted, feeling pretty smug.

Monday morning, “not quite what we’re looking for” – no dispute on this but, all the same, AAAAAARGH!!

© Lorna

Moral of the tale? Don't count your chickens before they hatch

Because the only things certain in life are death and taxes :-D

Photo credits: John Takai, Mike Heywood, Lorna, John Penezic, Bidouze Stphane.

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We use to say:"Don't say 'cat' if you don't have him in the bag"! Anyway your approval ratio is really good, so you can be proud anyway ;)


Thanks all who responded - approval ratio is something we can control a little, unlike sales so a useful target - will trade for a good sales ratio any day though :-D

The "death and taxes" bit is a well known quotation or, in this case, a misquotation. I thought it might be Dr Johnson but (following a quick wikipedia) turns out to be Benjamin Franklin.


Jealous of your sales ;-) The target is rejections x 4, much easier with a small portfolio.


I'm still only around 59% after 1 year so you can imagine how I feel................ jealous of your ratio ! David


Funny article! "The only things certain in life are death and taxes!" LOL! Thanks for sharing. ;)


I know feeling, but even though I'm not quite satisfied with my approval ratio, I can't produce images fast enough to fill my quota! So I keep on experimenting...


Small and sweet.
Well written with apt pictures.
Liked that about Tax and death.
But a foot note from me:
Don't loose hopes. . . . . . . look up and move on.

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