Falling in Love

Why photographers fall in love? And why they should?I mean it's good for them. The more often they do the better it is for their photography & better for their subjects.

So am I out of my mind? Have I become an agony aunt or something?

Hey! I am talking about falling in love with the subject you are shooting. Yes, love the subject & everything will fall into place. Fame, money & self satisfaction.

The other day I was shooting a Rock Star

Rock-star playing a concert

in a concert & I fell in love with his style of singing, talking & most importantly the way he was playing his guitar.

I shot the pictures with the same passion he had for his music. Believe me I still follow his music. That is love. That is a never ending relation. In fact I follow his every news & updates. That is what I do with all my assignments. I work from my heart.

So What is my message? If you want to specialize in a particular photography area, love is most important factor.

Lots of love & Happy shooting

Photo credits: Oleg Palchyk.
Gansham Ramchandani
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A dynamic photographer full of ideas & a trend setter since almost 28 years. Can do all sorts of photography including fashion, industrial, architecture, food, weddings, people & art.

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July 04, 2011

I totally agree! Love and keeping the passion alive are key elements in photography :)


July 04, 2011

Great message and great use of "someone" else s picture to get your message across. Seems most miss that point ;-)
Are you going to use the pic's you shot as editorials on here?



July 04, 2011

Great photo! Congrats!!!


July 04, 2011

Great concept!


July 04, 2011

Beautiful image, congratulations!!!


July 03, 2011

Great job!Congrats!


July 03, 2011

Great pic!


July 03, 2011

Very very nice, congrats!


July 03, 2011

yep gatta love them.great photo


July 03, 2011

nice picture.