Family Involvment

I find that a big part of photography and microstock as a sideline, second job or hobby is having family support. Your family often has to put up with your desires to purchase more equipment, pose as a model in various situations, agree to be a model in the first place and deal with you wandering off on trips to take pictures of weathered wood siding.

Its extra challenging when you kids are at age where they start becoming embarrassed of their parents! Unfortunately there isn't a big market for "eye rolling seventh graders" because I'd have a ton of images for that market!

Here's a shot of a salad my son made. I hope it sells so he'll be more motivated to model for me in the future.

My wife and son got involved in this one:

And my son actually had fun being a model in this one:

Photo credits: Peanutroaster.

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Its great that you can involve your family! Great photos


Couldn't agree with you more ... but then what is family for if not to support each other?


Lovely pics...


Thanks for sharing, i think that's a nice salad!
my son always wants to reach out to the render nodes and switch some of them off!!! no matter how much i try to keep my home office room private
i have now placed all the units on a high mount to child proof, haha, he is 2 yrs



Good luck with your "family business" :-)))


very impressed with the looks of that salad, yum!


BIG subject and great model !


It is great to have a hobbie and that your family participate


Beautiful photos! How nice to involve their family!


Right now my hardest challenge is not getting the frozen statue look. ;-) My son is taking a drama elective this year so maybe that will help.


Yes, they often have to be patient with us photographers :)
My oldest boy has had a period in wich he did not want to model for me, wich was fine. But after some compliments from colleague-photographers about his modeling-skills, he saw the light again. Now he puts on his 'Dreamstime smile' or his Dreamstime-cool-face' as he calls it LOL. The little one is in his pull-a-funny-face-period now, ah well.. We do not love them any less for it, how could we!
Most important thing is having fun together, and experience shows that shooting together can provide great family fun, as your pictures also show. Just go and flow with them, they'll come around one day sooner or later :)


Very nice personal photos!


Nice post! For sure, family is great support in many life aspects! Sometimes the only support that individual have. :-)

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