Faroese national day

Few know where the Faroe Islands are, and even fewer know that their main national day is next week. But those who have experienced the week long celebration will never forget it.

The Faroes (Sheep Islands) are a small group of islands in the North Atlantic, currently under Danish jurisdiction. It was inhabitated by Vikings from Norway in the 7th century. From the very beginning, it was a democracy, ruled by the Thing. The official opening of the Thing was, and is, at St. Olaf's Day on July 29th. (Picture on right: Tinganes, the red buildings house the Thing)

© Gaja
The country is very small (1400 km2), and the 48 000 inhabitants can all easily fit in the capitol to witness the opening of the Thing. When you gather that many people in one place, there might of course be some partying. A lot of it, actually. There are conserts and dancing in the streets (modern and traditional), boat races, singing, and meetings with old and new friends.

© Gaja

So if you're planning to visit the Faroes, this is the time to do it.

If you're already there: Goda Olavsoku, I hope to join you next year!

Photo credits: Gaja, Juergen Priewe, Rzihlman.

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July 27, 2009


looks really nice! happy National day! :)

July 27, 2009


Seems to be a great place! Hope we all can visit it some day! Nice images!

July 26, 2009


Thank you for sharing. I love hearing about new places and their histories :0)

July 26, 2009


Interesting! Thanks for sharing. Cheers ;)

July 26, 2009


Always a pleasure to learn something new, thank you for sharing! Your Greenlandic iceberg photos are fabulous! Cheers, Marilyn

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