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There are many ways to fast color correction in Photoshop without any special plug-ins. One of them, I would like to tell in this article. Why exactly that way - but because it takes little time and usually gives excellent results.Well, perhaps we will begin.

Open our photo menu File - Open. Open the photo you're going to adjust. Then go to menu Image - Mode - Lab Color. We translate our image in LAB color space.Then go to the Channels palette, and see that we have new channels, namely, Lab, Lightness, a, b​​. With the latter two channels we are going to work, namely to a channel and a channel b.Select a channel (the image will turn gray) press Ctrl-m. A dialog box "Curves". In this window we see the histogram and the two triangles below it (black and white). Here we are with them and work with. You can change the value of the black triangles the mouse in the range -128 to -102. The value of white triangles, you can change the range of 127 to 100. After the changes, press OK. Repeat the same operation with the channel b used.

After work you have transactions with the channels a and b Lab channel enable (you have activated all channels) and look at the result.

I think that it does not upset you.

Attention! Following the work done on color correction do not forget to come back to the color space RGB. To do this, go to menu Image-mode-RGB Color. That's actually the whole method.

I hope this method of color correction will be useful to you and speed up the processing of your photo.

Photo credits: Defess.

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February 07, 2012


I use Curves very often)

January 29, 2012


Thanks everyone for your comments!

January 28, 2012


Thanks for sharing!!!

January 28, 2012


Thanks.... useful tip!

January 27, 2012


Great, thanks for sharing.

January 27, 2012


thanks for sharing!

January 27, 2012


Thanks for info Defess!

January 27, 2012


Thanks for sharing

January 27, 2012


When testing gave more warmth to the image. The result is very satisfactory and fast. Thank you.

January 27, 2012


Nice tips,I use it as well once in a while to correct the colors and not the light

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